Press CONFERENCE BY VIPRA GOYAL ADDRESSING 50 media houses in Gujarat

PRESS CONFERENCE BY MR.VIPRA GOYAL (Founder & Director of AKSHVI AWARE INDIA PVT LTD.) ADDRESSING 50 MEDIA HOUSES IN GUJARAT. Akshvi Aware India Pvt. Ltd. has been launched recently. The sole mission of the company is to conduct research & grassroots level public awareness programs across India - all to ensure the in-time implementation of the post Independence mega infrastructure projects which are currently in delay for decades. These projects were designed by the prominent scientists of India to fulfill the ever increasing demand of energy and water for the growing population of this democratic country. As far as electricity generation is concerned, all the available options have to be considered, and their limitations and capabilities have to kept in mind. An awareness network is being launched building social license for these projects to ensure their in-time approval & implementation by the concerned stakeholders. For this, the network would disseminate the required knowledge & facts about these projects to the general public at the grassroots level of the country. The projects are firstly - Interlinking of rivers, canals & reservoirs and installation of canal-top-solar power plants to increase the farm power in the agricultural sector. The water projects which need to be implemented in Rajasthan and Gujarat are -Yamuna-Rajasthan Sabarmati Link, Eastern River Canal Project, Jawai-Luni-Rann project, etc. Moreover Narmada Canal Project in Gujarat envisions to lay canals of length 85000 km. Once there is enough water in our canals, canal top solar power plants will have to be installed over them to generate the required farm power to lift this water for irrigation. The next project deals with fulfilling the energy demand for domestic cooking & heating in rural areas. This project would help rural economy deriving extra income & jobs from the proposed bio gas plants utilizing the feedstock from livestock. These biogas plants would also generate organic manure for organic farming. Now, the next project. Heavy industries and refineries require continuous round-the-year and round-the-clock electricity to be in operation. For which a fully indigenous three stage Nuclear programme is ready. The technology of this three stage Nuclear programme fits the “Make in India” campaign. The technical expertise required for the same has been well researched by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. In the 3-stage Nuclear power programme, stage one requires setting-up of 20000 MW capacity power plants which is currently only 6780 MW. The second stage envisages 100000 MW capacity power plants. In the final stage, power plants of capacity 480000 MW need to be set up.The in-time installation of these plants has a potential of adding extra 600 Giga Watt Power to our grid which can fulfill the 3000 kWh per capita green energy requirement of 1.5 billion population of India for the next millennium. All these projects have to implemented simultaneously which just requires moral support of the citizens. We are thus empowering citizens to drive infrastructure for rebuilding India. Log on to : for more information.

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