How a 1000 MW Nuclear Power Plant in Morbi can save 10 lakh jobs and a 50,000 crore INR industry ?

Morbi is a district in the state of Gujarat, India. There are around 1000 factories in this district. Out of these, around 600 factories are associated with Ceramic-tiles and sanitary-ware and the rest 400 factories are associated with Watch manufacturing, packaging and others. The annual turnover of these factories is estimated to be more than 500 billion rupees. Around 10 lakh people earn their livelihood from these factories in Morbi. In the year 2017, due to the restriction on coal, imposed by NGT, currently, the Thermal Energy through PNG is insufficient for 1000 factories in Morbi. Moreover due the experiment of PNG, there is an increase in production cost by 15 %. The BUSINESS in Morbi has reduced by 50-60 % due to the recession in the Real estate sector in India for the last 5 years. Under these negative circumstances, the livelihood of 10 lakh people associated with these 1000 factories in Morbi is in question. TWO HUNDRED & TWENTY BUSINESSMEN of Morbi have already applied for migration to USA. The businessmen of Morbi currently require 24 lakh units of Electric Energy and 65 cubic meters PNG in the form of Thermal Energy per day. The demand for Electric and Thermal Energy in Morbi can be fulfilled by setting up two units of fast breeder reactors of 500 MW each. Based on Indigenous technology- these fast breeder reactors will not only fulfill requirement of both types of energy in a reliable and sustainable manner, but also prove to be competitive from business point of view. Electricity generation cost of these two Off Grid plants would be 2 to 4 rupees per unit. The set up of these Off Grid plants would require only a quarter of one square kilometer land. These plants can be set up in the centre of the city and there would be no-insecurity or threat of radiation and green house gas emissions at all. If this energy requirement of Morbi is to be fulfilled through Solar Power Plant- then 4000 MW Solar Power Plant would have to be set up, which would require around 2 hundred & 56 square kilometer of land. The generation cost, at 25% Capacity Factor, would be two rupees and fifty paisa per unit. But, the 1000 industries of Morbi need continuous supply of electricity and thermal energy, and then via this solar energy, the cost would be 12 rupees per unit. India is capable to install 500 Off Grid FBRs, each of 500 MW capacities, with its indigenous technology, fuel arrangement and work efficiency. There was a news dated April 9, 2018- that in the construction of the Kudankulam 1000 MWe Nuclear Power Plant, an EPC purchase order of 1081 crore rupees has allotted to the Reliance Infrastructure from NPCIL. India must be proud that this Ambani Group is highly capable in Nuclear Energy for the civil use for the Nation’s Welfare. Keeping in mind the demand of two units of FBRs each of 500 MW in Morbi and its comparative advantage over other sources like wind, solar or gas- it would be great, if Ambani Group comes forward for the construction of 2 units of FBRs in Morbi. This would protect the associated 10 lakh jobs and an otherwise dying 50,000 crore ruppees’ industry in Gujarat. Also this venture of Ambani Group would then open up avenues for installing 500 units of such 500 MW FBRs across different parts of India. This would help us sustain the base-load demand of energy in heavy industries like factories, refineries, railways, offices, etc. And to fulfill the power for irrigation, I suggest installing canal top soar power plants with backed up hydroelectricity power plants. This would help us in the land acquisition & compensation money and water vaporization, etc. I have a Ten year experience in the Indian Nuclear Power Program too. I have ground truth reports of all the impending Nuclear Power Plants in India and site-wise solutions to restart their installation. I have worked for Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu), Gorakhpur (Haryana), Banswara (Rajasthan) with a goal-oriented strategy with successful inauguration at all these sites. Currently, I am working in Morbi, Gujarat, and have brought bureaucrats and the industrialists in support and demand of a 1000 MW capacity Nuclear Power Plant in the region. Here I urge Ambani Group to come forward and take this responsibility of installing the required Power plants of 1000 MWe capacity in this region. I would ensure that the concerned stakeholders will not face any challenges like intention of affected business lobbies, compensation money, Anti-Activists/So-called social workers/Public representatives, Regional public acceptance, and the Honorable Prime Minister’s intention. To achieve this, I am all prepared to generate the required conducive environment within 6 months across the state and the country. We Indian must have a hope that this statement will reach to the concerned PMO of India. Thanks You! JAY HIND. Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli Dr. Neelam Goyal

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