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भारत की परमाणु सहेली - Dr. Neelam Goyal

भारत की परमाणु सहेली - डॉ. नीलम गोयल (ब्रांड एम्बेसडर, अक्षवि अवेयर) आज़ादी के बाद भारत में जल, ऊर्जा और कृषि से सम्बंधित सभी घोषित बड़ी परियोजनाओं के तुरंत क्रियान्वन के लिए शेष अनुसंधान और विकास का आयोजन और जमीनी स्तर पर जन जागरूकता कार्यक्रम आयोजित कर रही है।

Our 7-year field work as
Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation


Case Studies

Kudankulam — 2000 MW — 2011

Repercussions of funded anti-nuclear activities globally fell on the Kudankulam 2000 MW Nuclear Power Plant which was ready to provide electricity to 10 million homes) going critical the next day. But was protested against by the local fisherman gathered by a local leader named Mr. Udaykumar. They all referred to the Fukushima event and 

propagated baseless facts like the radiation released from the power plant would kill their fishes i.e. their only source of livelihood. The reality is that the regional water gets warmer proving to be a better breeding temperature for fishes. A political leader of a prominent party raised a question in the parliament that the then prime minister of India should also declare Self-denial against all nuclear power plants like then in Japan. But the then PM rather sent a 15-membered Expert Group Committee to Kudankulam. Dr. Neelam Goyal was a former Professor, Ph.D. (Nuclear Power Plants and their Societal Impacts on regional welfare & economy) and Post-Doctoral trainee

under the outstanding scientist Mr. S.K. Malhotra (the then Head, PAD, DAE). She published some video messages to the regional public of Kudankulam stating some real facts about the safety systems and importance attached to  the Indian Nuclear Power Program. The head of the expert group committee asked if the same video messages can be dubbed in Tamil to be shown in the regional public and meetings. These video messages were also shown in front of the 7-membered jury and finally the case was won in the favour of Indian Nuclear Power Program.

Dr. Neelam Goyal - Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli in Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant - 2011

2800 MW Nuclear Power Plant - Gorakhpur, Haryana ( 2012 )

Dr. Neelam Goyal (Parmanu Saheli) visited this site in 2012 and conducted grassroot level public awareness programs among public, 

the middle name of a particular person as he plays a key role in misleading the local folks stating that water produced from hydro-electricity somehow gets unfit for irrigation. His justifications, if any, are faulty and broken and not at all based on facts. People of his kind are winning elections here and continue to misuse their authority to justify their conspiring ideas. Also obviously if the power plant is announced in a different party rule, then the currently ruling party will be least active for its implementation. This all is further facilitated by the regional public which remains ignorant due to unawareness

Here, a regional real estate person was the culprit, who himself wanted to acquire the lands from the farmers at lower rates to further sell them to the Govt. at higher margins as he knew that the plant would come anyway. He had mobilised a chunk of farmers (6000 nos.) against Gorakhpur, Haryana Power Plant site. Incomprehension should be 

bureaucrats, anti-activists & regional parties and finally solved the two prevalent problems which were

1.) Compensation Money Issue and 2.) Lack of awareness in the regional public. As a result this site got inaugurated in the year 2013.

Feedback report of Parmanu Urja Jagriti Mahotsav at Hisar, Haryana

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Dr. Neelam Goyal - Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli in Haryana Nuclear Power Plant - 2012

2800 MW Nuclear Power Plant - Banswara, Rajasthan ( 2015 )

APEAF personally visited the locals to get information about the existing situation and was shocked to learn about some of the most horrendous and dangerous belief system by which the locals operate. People there chose to work not by logic or basic rationality but by orthodox spiritual belief in a local boy being the supposed “future teller”. It was said that the boy was capable of having intuitions and could foretell the future happenings, and was therefore greatly revered.

When confronted about issues of the nuclear power plant set up, the boy suddenly started his usual ritual of dancing (and scaring people) and declaring that the plant shouldn’t be set up or death will cast upon the village, and what followed next was a sight of people leaving the discussion, consciously declaring and believing that the nuclear plant is a danger.

Disappointed, APEAF left the site but couldn’t stand in disbelief when the very same boy later came and asked for employment, admitting that everything he did was an act, under the influence of anonymous political people.

neelam goyal newspaper parmanu
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Dr. Neelam Goyal - Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli in Banswara Nuclear Power Plant - Rajasthan - 2015

6600 MW Nuclear Power Plant - Mithi Virdi, Gujarat ( 2015 )

In April, 2015, Dr. Neelam Goyal visited this site. She came to know that here a particular person has been conspiring against the power plant by propagating misconceptions on Fukushima incident, mobilising people against this green and clean source of energy just for his vested aims. He kept organizing farmer-protests against the Nuclear Power plant for 10 years. What was more surprising was that he was protesting against something he had little knowledge of. He expressed that his perceptions about Nuclear Power Plants are wholly based on the knowledge of his 2 advisories (who are the world famous anti-nuclear activists being funded). The then village head of the Mithi Virdi village was even a greater disappointment who retorted to fear and threat to advance his motives.


Dr. Neelam Goyal, during her visit to the village, was surrounded by the village head's men who further threatened her indirectly to leave the place. As far as the story of the village head goes, the man has illegally occupied

unclaimed lands in Mithi Virdi which he personally cultivates on bonded labour and is therefore reluctant to give up the lands for any purpose, especially setting of the power plants since that would mean his illegal work coming up to the surface and him losing the compensation money and his position.

He has therefore made all arrangements to make sure that the public remains unaware (for instance efforts were made to make sure that the papers, pamphlets, magazines distributed by Dr. Neelam Goyal don’t reach the locals as required). Sadly, the regional public wanted to hear the truth but could not due to the fear induced by the self centred sarpanch. Even after all this, Dr. Neelam Goyal, with her grass root level awareness programs in Bhavnagar & Ahmedabad, made the local people, industrialists & the landowners ready for the power plant. Now what remains is the self-ambitious sarpanch.

Dr. Neelam Goyal - Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli in Mithi Virdi Nuclear Power Plant - Gujarat - 2016
Dr. Neelam Goyal - Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli in Mithi Virdi Nuclear Power Plant - Gujarat - 2016

Brahmani-Banas-Chambal Interlink — 2013

As we mentioned that to achieve the desired capacity in Solar, Interlinking of Rivers is the solution to overcome the heavy social costs of land acquisition. For this, Brahmani-Banas-Chambal interlink was proposed in the year 2013 which could supply water to the 14 towns (3000 villages) of Rajasthan.


Moreover there are other interlinking plans too in Rajasthan which if implemented in time can help us reach the Solar Capacity target (through canal-top solar power plants) and at the same time providing water to about 44000 villages in Rajasthan. All these Yojanas are stuck in Rajasthan because of the lack of real world knowledge and compensation money issues.

2800 MW Nuclear Power Plant - Banswara, Rajasthan ( 2015 )

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