Welcome to the Pan-India Portal of Agrarian Status


This dashboard/portal has an intra-agro-climatic zone comparison of
constituent districts on parameters like: 

-> A2+FL Cost per ha

-> Net Returns per ha

-> Value per quintal


-> Usage of Hand-Operated Implements:

Soil Test:

Marketed Surplus:

Land_Holding Size:
-> Parcels per holding & Area per parcel

Irrigation Capacity:
1.) Irrigated Area Cropped once & more than once
2.) Un-Irrigated Area Cropped once & more than once

Fertilizers Usage:
-> Chemical:
1.) Usage of Chemical Fertilizers for all Crops (High Cost)

-> Organic

1.) Usage of FYM/Compost for all Crops

2.) Usage of Oil Cakes for all Crops

3.) Usage of Other organic manures for all Crops

4.) Usage of Green Manure for all Crops

-> Bio-fertilizers
1.) Usage of Rhizobium for all Crops
2.) Usage of Azetobactor for all Crops
3.) Usage of Blue Green Algae for all Crops
4.) Usage of PSB for all Crops

-> Usage of Pesticide for all Crops

Credit Usage:
-> Credit availed for Agril. Purpose

Certified Seeds:
-> Usage of Certified Seeds (Blue Tag)

Educational Status:
-> Educational Status

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Instructions of Use:

1.) Select a state from the top-left corner.

2.) Select an agro-climatic zone by number after the screen updates.

3.) Select a crop from the updated drop-down list.

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*We are experiencing some temporary problems with the mobile version of this visualization. We highly recommend to shift to desktop/laptop for better experience.