कृषि-सेवाएँ, जल और सतत ऊर्जा

Print Media


We are really thankful for the generous appreciations by different Governments, educational institutions, academicians, scientists and youth leaders. This inspires us to keep up the flame of working for our nation's development.


Conducting seminars in schools, colleges, industrial associations, religious groups, Local Panchayats, administration, bureaucracy,  political groups and different Youth groups.


Organizing exhibitions at popular city centres named “Maha-Mahatosavs” with a beautiful touch of cultural programs, administration support and field experts invited from different scientific and academic communities.

Our dedicated teams in villages, towns and cities

  •  Recruitment of town-level Akshvi team from existing social groups/leaders associated with different political, religious, customs, traditions, caste ideologies.

  •  Camel-Cart Rallies to reach remote households away from social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and others.

  •  Collection of support-cum-registration letters from all our audiences attending all the above activities through out recruited team.

  • Organizing Choupal-Baithak in villages, local panchayats.