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- Meet our Founder -

Vipra is an entrepreneur, author, and activist on a mission of contributing in making India a water & energy secured country. He founded Akshvi AWARE and Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation (APEAF), in 2019 and 2011

respectively, with the goal of bringing together media, academicians, scientists, politicians, general public under one platform, to usher in a new era for India that is more empowered with green and clean sources of electricity and water for it's soon approaching 1.5 billion population.

Our country has experienced remarkable growth in the service/tertiary sector. But unfortunately, this growth has been hollow without the secondary (industrial) and the primary (agriculture) sector picking up the same pace. Now why this happened ? All our ready & already announced mega-infrastructure projects, verified by our Planning committees, have been forcibly delayed/protested against whenever announced since independence.

Vipra Goyal - founder and director - Akshvi AWARE from IIT Kharagpur

Vipra Goyal (IIT Kharagpur)

Founder and Director at  

Akshvi AWARE
Co-founder at  Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation (APEAF)

Now keeping in mind the above projects being delayed for 30 years (on avg.) and current situation of our country which is seriously lacking the required orientation for these projects, Akshvi AWARE’s (a social entrepreneurship from IIT Kharagpur) has come to conduct grassroot level Public Awareness Programs throughout the country through it's unique strategy and platforms for the 18 projects which we have chosen. The sole aim of this organization is the faster implementation of 900 billion INR, announced but delayed, water & energy projects in India.

Strategic awareness means not only awaring the general public but also the media, 84 groups, business lobbies, etc.


We are determined to make India a water & energy secured country in it's agriculture (livestock & farming), industries and services sectors for the current and future generations.

Let it be the :

1.) Cooperative large-scale farming in 1957
2.) Nuclear Power Plan in 1967
3.) Interlinking of Rivers in 1994
4.) Biogas-dairy-fodder farm projects


We have rarely heard about these projects on print and electronic media ! And, yes! that’s the point! Not knowing about these ready projects is the only reason of their straggled implementation in this democratic country. 

क्यों आर्थिक विकास में भारत चाइना से पीछे ?

India Vs China - comparison from 0:10 minute. 🧐
A detailed comparison between India and China on parameters like economic growth, employment opportunities, availability of natural resources. Challenges and our solution.

How to design an optimal energy mix for your country ? -  International Youth Nuclear Congress, 2020

We need to decarbonize our economy and still reach our ambitious of targets of sustainable inclusive growth, job creation and poverty alleviation ! But how ? I encourage you all to go through this presentation and share your views. It was a great learning experience. What I learnt was that we all should be vocal and firm on our belief and should share it with the concerned stakeholders to take it forward. In this conference (on behalf of our company, Akshvi AWARE), I also talked to the international companies (in Russia, France and USA) involved in the peaceful uses of Nuclear energy to fast track the Nuclear Power Program of India.

कृषि की स्तिथि | Status of Indian Agriculture in Bihar

Interviewing Farmers in Nandrapur Village, Siwan District, Bihar Major Challenges as conclusion from the video:

1.) Lack of Perennial Source of Irrigation like Canal Irrigation
2.) Lack of reliable electricity
3.) Deficiency of Agro-Processing Industries
4.) Lack of Markets

Press Conference in Gujarat

Why did I launch my company?
What is India's plan for water security?
What is India's plan for energy security?


Press Conference with 50 media houses across Gujarat.

Challenges and solutions in democratic India.

Press Conference in Rajasthan

Thanks SAHARA | Live Interview on Rajasthan's Water Scarcity and related Yojanas (Current Hurdles and my Strategy)

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Vipra Goyal organzing a press conference in Kolkata, West Bengal