Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation (APEAF)

India as a nation is still struggling with the basics (water, electricity, energy) and APEAF plans to bring the general public on board by creating awareness of the desperately needed policies and ideas, bringing to them ground level facts and strategically designed plans.

About Us

APEAF is conducting the required Research & Development and organizing grass-root level Public Awareness Programs for the quicker implementation of all the announced mega-projects related to water, energy and agriculture in India after independence. APEAF has appointed Akshvi AWARE to handle all the operations of this mission.

Our Projects

1.) Interlinking of Rivers
2.) Canal-top Solar power plants
3.) Biogas-Dairy-Manure Power Plants
4.) Nuclear Power Plants

President & Founder

Dr. Neelam Goyal (Bharat kee Parmanu Saheli)

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APEAF / Parmanu Saheli

     भारत की

        परमाणु सहेली