West Bengal | Jogighopa-Tista-Farakka link (Alternative to M-S-T-G)

India is planning to unilaterally divert water from the Brahmaputra to the Ganges by two major links entirely through Indian territory

This can be termed as the “new Indian line”. The first Brahmaputra– Ganges link canal, known as Jogighopa-Tista-Farakka, involves constructing large dams in India (e.g. Dihang, Subansiri and Lohit) to divert water from the Brahmaputra through the Jogigopa barrage in Assam to the Ganges at Farakka via the Tista River. Owing to topographic factors, this link would involve large lifts of 60 metres and require 7,500 MW of power. NWDA has carried out alternative studies of Manas-Sankosh-Tista-Ganga link to avoid Jogighopa – Tista – Farakka (Alternative to M–S–T–G). In the alternative proposal of M-S-T-G link Manas Tiger Reserve and Buxa Tiger Reserve and other Forests will be avoided. Therefore, NWDA is doing alternative alignment of MSTG link which merges both MSTG and JTF alignments. Topographical Surveys of alternative alignment taken up. Permission is required from neighbouring countries such as Nepal & Bhutan for carrying out Survey & Investigations in their territories. NWDA through MOWR is pursuing the matter with MEA for expediting the dialogue with neighbouring countries. In view of this, the target date of completion for all the Himalayan links may not be fixed.


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