West Bengal | Ganga(Farakka)-Damodar-Subernarekha link

The Ganga-Damodar-Subernarekha Link will join the Ganga to Subernarekha river.

India is planning to develop a National River Linking Project (NRLP) and divert surplus water from the Brahmaputra River to alleviate shortages in western and southern India (Iyer 2003). India intends to transfer water from Brahmaputra through a gravity link canal taking water from Jogighopa in India, and joining the Ganges River just above Farakka (see Figure 3). The link is proposed to transfer 43 billion cubic meters (BCM) of water from the Brahmaputra River, of which 15 BCM is to be transferred to the Ganges River at Farakka (Thakkar 2007). The augmented water at Farakka would then be shared between the peninsular river basins in southern India and water flows to the downstream of Ganges River in Bangladesh. Under such a water diversion scheme, diversions from the Brahmaputra to the Ganges would, therefore, be made entirely within India.4


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