INTERLINKING OF RIVERS – A VITAL NEED NEEDS FOR INTERLINKING THE RIVERS OF THE STATE State has only 2% of surface water of the available water of the country where as it covers 5% population of the country. Quite fertile land with average rainfall varying throughout state from 35 cm. per annum to 114 cm. per annum. Uneven & erratic rainfall pattern in various regions of Gujarat State. Surface water being insufficient ground water is being exploited to a great extent to protect the agriculture and to satisfy other needs. Quality of water is not satisfactory. High content of Floride & salinity is harmful to the health. 71% area of Gujarat is water deficit area. 29% area of South and Central Gujarat has surplus water. To fulfill the water requirement of 71% of water scarce area needs to divert excess water from surplus basin. As per International standards if per capita availability of water is less than 1700 m3/year, the region is “water stressed”, and if less than 1000 m3/year, the region is “water scarce”. Saurashtra, North Gujarat and Kutch region are water scarce in which per capita water availability is 540,343 and 719 m3/year respectively. OBJECTIVES OF INTERLINKING National Water Policy (year 2002) emphasis that water should be made available to water deficit area by transfer from other areas having surplus water. An integrated water resources management with equitable distribution of available Water Resources. Providing Livelihood and employment opportunities for balanced regional economic development. Check migration of population from rural areas to urban area. To boost economy of the area. INTER BASIN TRANSFER OF WATER The State has already taken very important and leading steps for interlinking of rivers, a few glimpses are (A) WORK ALREADY COMPLETED BY THE STATE Inter basin transfer of Water From Narmada Main Canal to En-route Rivers The planning to flow the water of Narmada available during flood through Narmada main canal to eleven rivers of Gujarat viz. Heran, Orsang, Karad, Mahi, Saidak, Mohar, Watrak, Sabarmati, Khari,Rupen and Banas. The planning to fill about 700 Nos. of small/large village Tanks/Ponds by water of Narmada SABARMATI-SARASWATI LINK This link off takes from Branch Canal No.1 of Right Bank Main Canal of Dharoi Project to Saraswati River. (B) LINK WORKS UNDER PROGRESS SUJLAM-SUFLAM SPREADING CHANNEL To divert overflowing flood water from Kadana dam to Panchmahals and North Gujarat region. This water can be diverted by gravity to the scarcity hit Panchmahals, Gandhinagar, Sabarkantha, Mehsana and parts of Banaskantha districts. Proposed Sujlam-Suflam Spreading Channel – 332 Km. From Kadana dam to Sabarmati river – 158 km. From Sabarmati to Banas river : 174 km. This recharge canal will help in recharging 21 rivers which includes Khari, Watrak, Meshwo, Mazam, Rupen, Pushpavati, Saraswati and Banas River. Benefit to 7 Districts, 14 Taluka and 508 villages. 70,000 Ha. to be benefitted. Harnav – Guhai Link It connects Harnav river with Guhai river having length of 1680 meter and canal capacity is 5.66 cumecs (200 cusecs). Kadana – Bhadar Link Ukai – Purna Link Interlinking of coastal rivers by spreading channel Ambitious plan to interconnect rivers through spreading channels to prevent salinity ingress along the coastal belt of the Saurashtra. Total length of spreading channel is 360 Km. Rain water stored in the channel will recharge the aquifers of ground water and surrounding area. Prevent ingress of salinity. Lift irrigation from spreading channel. (C) PROPOSED LINK CANALS DAMANGANGA – SABARMATI - CHORWAD LINK Diverts surplus water of Damanganga, Par, Tapi and other enroute basin which is already flowing wastefully into the sea. Useful for protective irrigation and to provide drinking water to the drought prone region of Saurashtra. Diverts flood water by gravity up to Sabarmati Basin. OTHER PROPOSED LINKS UKAI – GORDHA LINK CANAL DEV – SUKHI LINK CANAL (D) Link canals related to Gujarat State, proposed by National Water Development Agency of Central Government The planning of various link canals in the country have been proposed by National Water Development Agency (NWDA) working under the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India. Accordingly, the details of link canals pertaining to Gujarat i.e. Himalayan Links, Peninsular Links and Intra State Link canals are described here. Himalayan Link (Sarda – Yamuna – Sabarmati Link) The NWDA has proposed the planning of nearly 1835 km. long Sarda – Yamuna – Rajasthan – Sabarmati Link canal to provide surplus water of Himalayan rivers to Gujarat. The preparation of feasibility reports of these links are under progress. This link will provide irrigation to 2 lac Ha. Area of Gujarat with the 1.32 Million Acre Feet of Water. Peninsular Link Canal ( Par – Tapi – Narmada) The Par – Tapi – Narmada Link, beneficial to Gujarat and the Damanganga – Pinjal Link, beneficial to Maharashtra are considered in the planning of Peninsular Link canals. 402 km. long Par – Tapi – Narmada Link will divert annual 1350 Million cubic metres of surplus water in the command area of Narmada Project. Damanganga – Pinjal Link will divert annual 577 Million cubic metres of surplus water to Mumbai City of Maharashtra for drinking purpose. In the planning of Par – Tapi – Narmada Link Canal, total seven reservoirs are proposed in the catchment area of Par, Auranga, Ambica and Purna river basins. In the planning of Damanganga – Pinjal Link, total two reservoirs are proposed in the catchment area of Damanganga river basin. The feasibility reports of both these links have been completed by NWDA and preparation of DPR are under progress. Intra-State Link Canal (Damanganga –Sabarmati – Chorwad) The planning of Damanganga – Sabarmati – Chorwad link canal has been accepted by the NWDA of Central Government, as an Intra-State Link Canal, beneficial to Gujarat State. The pre feasibility report is completed by National Water Development Agency (NWDA).


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